Planned Giving

Harborlight Community Partners would be honored to be considered in your estate plans. Should you wish to leave a bequest or include us as a beneficiary of an insurance policy among other options it would be wonderful investment in the future of our mission to help low income people have a home on the North Shore. As we are not professional advisors in this area we would recommend that you speak with your own estate attorney and your accountant about your planned giving options and opportunities. If you would like to talk with us about your plans please email or call 978-922-1305.

In-Kind Donation
While we do not have any real storage capacity we are happy to receive in kind donations from time to time. Donations might include equipment, vehicles, furniture, heating oil (delivered), custodial supplies, energy efficient light bulbs, and other facility oriented items. Donations are tax deductible. Please consultant your accountant or tax advisor regarding the specific amount that is deductible for your gift. If you would like to make an in kind donation please email or call 978-922-1305.