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douglasNeiland & Priscilla Douglas

We have been involved together as volunteers and contributors to programs which provide affordable  housing opportunities since the early 1970s. Spearheaded originally by members of the First Baptist Church in Beverly over 50 years ago, these efforts now embrace 350 housing units on the North Shore all now under the HCP umbrella. HCP is a great source of hope and inspiration for its nearly 500 residents and equally so for both of us to know that this expanding program will provide affordable, safe and caring housing opportunities well into the future. It is thus a great source of joy and exhilaration to be assured that one’s personal efforts and financial support will help offer long-term, life-sustaining residential facilities for thousands of folks in need of an affordable home.

ansaraKaren Ansara

As the government tightens its belt, millions of Americans are feeling the squeeze. On Boston’s North Shore, where the cost of living is disproportionately high, those who make our communities efficient and vibrant — like waiters, cleaners, mechanics, and caregivers –as well as our beloved seniors on fixed incomes — are often forced to choose between food, fuel, shelter and medicine — or moving out. Harborlight Community Partners, combining the efforts of seven former non-profits, creates and maintains congregate housing that is affordable for those we love and those who make our communities stronger.

wilsonGreg & Carolyn Wilson

As owners of Greg Wilson, Electrician, we have had the opportunity to see the amazing work being done by Harborlight. We began our relationship with Harborlight and their mission over 15 years ago when (Greg’s father) Bob Wilson began working as the electrical contractor for the properties. Now working with our own company, we have seen Harborlight grow and provide more opportunities for housing for the most vulnerable populations.   As North Shore residents, we are keenly aware and understand the desperate need for decent affordable housing in this area. We chose to donate to Harborlight because we want to support them to ensure safe and stable housing for the elderly, low income families and other at risk populations.

johnsonPeter & Joan Johnson

We have long been committed to the issue of affordable housing. This is a community-wide problem, impacting families in need as well as those who work in our schools, who are auto mechanics, restaurant workers and such, many of whom cannot reasonably afford the high cost of housing in our area. It is a real struggle for many. Years ago, working with We Care About Homes (a small, grass roots housing organization), we bought and repaired multi-family homes to create more affordable housing. We Care About Homes is now under HCP management, which has been outstanding in ensuring the sustainability of these homes. We are very impressed with the range of housing offered by Harborlight, and continue to support this organization because we know our charitable investment is being used judiciously. HCP is making a real difference. This organization has integrity and an unwavering commitment to creating and preserving affordable housing.

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Harborlight Community Partners invites you to participate in the MA Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program as a donor to maximize the impact you can have on our community programs. Learn how your donation can qualify for a 50% MA tax credit.

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