HCP engages in four program areas:

Property Management

Property Management


Real Estate Development and Asset Management

resident services

Resident Services


Public Advocacy and Education

HCP supports fair housing policies and approaches and will actively resist any form of formal or informal housing discrimination

  • HCP creates, preserves, operates, and supports quality, economically accessible, community-rooted housing
  • HCP creates safe, service-enriched, affordable housing that promotes stability while diminishing fear and vulnerability to suffering
  • HCP creates safe, affordable housing promoting long-term, generational, economic upward mobility
  • HCP influences long-term change for sustainable housing at the micro level, such as specific households, and at the macro level, related to systems causing or exacerbating housing hardship and the associated decrease of opportunity for people of modest and limited means

Other Areas of Expertise

In addition to affordable housing creation, preservation and management, HCP also assists nonprofits and housing organizations in the following ways:

Non Profit Property Management Services ~ Affordable Housing Development and Management ~ Affirmative Fair Marketing and Affordable Housing Lottery Services

To learn more about how HCP can assist you in these areas, please contact Tim Donovan, COO (978) 473-7160