Project Partners

Current Partners:
  • SV Design
  • Meridian Associates
  • City of Beverly HOME
  • City of Beverly CPC
  • City of Beverly
  • Affordable Housing Trust
  • North Shore Home Consortium
  • City of Beverly HOME
  • Resonant Energy
  • MA Department of Housing and Community Development
  • MHIC
  • Massachusetts Housing Partnership
  • Beverly Bank
  • Federal Home Loan Bank

Project Highlights

The Anchor Point vision:

  • 77 two– and three-bedroom apartments for families
  • 15 units reserved for homeless families
  • Resident services available to all residents
  • Will add to the tax base of the Beverly community

To be located in Beverly, Anchor Point will be comprised of 77 affordable two- and three-bedroom apartments for families; 15 units (20%) will be set aside for homeless families, in response to the needs identified by the Mayrs’ Regional Homelessness Task Force. (With the Mayors’ Task Force, an innovative regional approach, the cities of Beverly, Salem, and Peabody entered into an MOU to each increase housing for homeless families and individuals.)

Acting proactively to encourage the creation of new affordable housing, the City of Beverly voted to designate the site as a 40R district. This zoning designation allows for multi-family housing to be built, while simultaneously providing for incentive payments from the State to benefit the City.

The site is currently vacant. The project will include two residential buildings and one Community Building, to be the “heart” of the Anchor Point community.. The Community Building will provide space for after-school programming, adult education, and recreation for all residents. A variety of play spaces will be incorporated into the site, as well as community gardens. All parking will be provided on-site, and the buildings will be solar ready.