The Resident Advisory Council (RAC) is open to all HCP residents to have a more organized public voice for HCP residents around affordable housing issues.

Why? Every year state and federal government and local cities and towns make decisions around family housing, elderly housing, and other affordable housing – we believe these decisions should take into consideration the voice of those who live in these homes or those who want to live in affordable homes.

The RAC also functions as a source to inform the HCP Board of Directors and its Policy Committee about what residents think the priorities should be for HCP’s work in the region. Some members of the RAC sit on the HCP Board of Directors.

We encourage our residents and RAC to:

  • Join residents of other HCP properties to voice the importance of why quality affordable housing should be available to all who need it
  • Discuss issues relating to affordable housing in your community
  • Work together to provide a collective resident voice into HCP policy decisions
  • Have a positive impact by advocating for more affordable housing opportunities