What We Do

What We Do

Boston Street Crossing, HCP’s project completed in 2018, is not just a special one for our most vulnerable neighbors but also demonstrates the tenacity of HCP to bring difficult projects to fruition.

Rockport High School Apartments

Property Management

Harborlight Community Partners’ Property Management Team is driven to operational excellence and a high level of resident satisfaction. We strive to ensure every resident feels respected, part of our community...

Affordable Housing Development

Harborlight Community Partners is committed to creating and maintaining housing that is affordable for a range of income levels. We provide homes for seniors, families, and individuals with special needs.

Pigeon Cove

Resident Services

Living healthy and engaged lives: this is the major focus of our Resident Service Program. Activities, service coordination and outreach to residents all have an overarching goal to support our residents to live comfortably, as actively as they choose, and affordably age in place.

Advocacy and Education

Public Education and Advocacy is an essential to Harborlight Community Partners’ Strategic Plan. Through education and advocacy, we seek to engage communities in dynamic discussions related to housing, with intentional inclusion of under-represented groups, empower community stakeholders, increase housing productivity and affordability, and impact access to housing.

HCP - Real Estate Tax Policy

HCP is as committed to being a good neighbor as it is to creating affordable housing, and believe that affordable housing is good for our region. Therefore, HCP pays taxes...

Green Initiatives

Wherever and whenever we can, HCP makes efforts to ensure we are making our buildings’ carbon footprint smaller, using energy efficient systems and equipment. Turtle Creek: In an 2013 renovation...

Community Investment Plan (CIP)

HCP’s 3-5 year business plan which outlines our outcomes and goals in the areas we have deemed the highest priority.