Whipple Riverview Place, Ipswich

Since the 1980s, housing prices in Massachusetts have grown at a faster rate than any other state in the US. Meanwhile, landscapes have been vanishing as development consumes more and more acres of open space. Concern about these intertwined issues has drawn attention to the need for finding innovative ways to provide affordable housing while preserving the natural environment.

Whipple Riverview Place, developed by the North Shore Housing Trust, is a prime example of a creative solution that directly addresses both of these concerns. Originally a power plant for Essex County Jail and later a storage facility for Ipswich's middle school, Whipple Riverview Place (formerly known as the Whipple Annex) has been revitalized and transformed into a modern affordable housing development for seniors.

Located within walking distance from the center of Ipswich, Whipple Riverview Place houses ten beautifully designed one bedroom apartments available to low-income seniors, 62 years of age or older. All of the rental units feature central heat and air conditioning, modern appliances, galley kitchens, tall arched windows overlooking the Ipswich River, and handicap-adaptable features. Laundry facilities, a resident lounge, and off-street parking are also provided. Programs are offered daily at the Council on Aging, located next door in Town Hall, and a beautiful riverfront walking trail is just steps away.

One of the most unique and progressive features of Whipple Riverview Place is its green roof a 3000 square foot space thriving with vegetation. Home to at least ten species of flowering plants, the lush roof-top area links man-made and natural environments by providing natural onsite management of storm water runoff. The soil and plants absorb rainwater, and the plant roots remove and filter pollutants. The green roof at Whipple Annex is especially vital as it helps protect the adjacent Ipswich River from pollution and erosion.

The Whipple School project is a prime example of smart planning; increasing housing
opportunities for seniors helps to maintain an important part of the community, and the
revitalization and reuse of existing community buildings represents innovative planning.  - State Senator Bruce Tarr

Download the Whipple Riverview Place Housing Application here: Whipple Application 2010.pdf

For additional information or to request an application by mail:

  • email applications@harborlightcp.org

  • call 978-922-1305 x 202

  • or visit Harborlight Community Partners' Management Office (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM) at 283 Elliott St., Beverly, MA 01915

Completed applications can be faxed to: 978-922-2874


25 Green Street, Ipswich, MA