Harborlight Community Partners Awards 2010 Community Partners to Local Towns and Organizations for Affordable Housing Efforts, December 6, 2010

Recipients included City of Beverly, Town of Hamilton, Town of Rockport, SeniorCare and Kay Bierwiler, and Marblehead Community Housing Corporation

Beverly, Mass., December 6, 2010 Harborlight Community Partners, a growing non-profit affordable housing operator and developer on the North Shore, honored a variety of local municipalities and organizations for their support of recent affordable housing projects at their annual event, A Celebration of Community Partnerships, at the Hawthorne Hotel on Saturday, November 20th.

Harborlight Community Partners’ Board President, Carol Suleski presented 2010 Community Partnership awards to five recipients whose committed efforts to local affordable housing projects were highlighted.

The City of Beverly was honored for their investments in the rehabilitation of the We Care About Homes working family housing in Beverly. Mayor Bill Scanlon accepted the award on behalf of the City, the Planning and Community Development Departments and the City Council.
The Town of Hamilton was honored for their support of Firehouse Place, the first Community Preservation Fund supported affordable project. Town Manager Michael Lombardo accepted the award and Hamilton’s Board of Selectmen, Community Preservation Committee and Housing Partnership were also recognized.
The Town of Rockport was honored for their work in preserving affordable elder housing at Pigeon Cove Ledges. Town Manager Linda Sanders accepted the award and Rockport’s Board of Selectmen, Community Preservation Committee and Housing Partnership were also recognized.
SeniorCare and their Executive Director Kay Bierwiler were be honored for their steadfast support of fixed income elders at Turtle Creek and Turtle Woods. Dr. Bierwiler accepted the award along with many members of the SeniorCare Board.
Marblehead Community Housing Corporation was honored for their nearly 20 years of effort creating affordable housing opportunities for families. Gordon King accepted the award on behalf of Board members in attendance: Dirk Isbrandtsen, President, Kurt James, Paul Crosby, Bonnie Howard, Andrew Christensen, Ann Cohen, Don Davies, Sarah Drewry, Mimi Hollister and Joan McIntyre.

About Harborlight Community Partners, Inc.
Harborlight Community Partners (HCP) provides a wide range of housing with services primarily for low and moderate income people living in Southern Essex County. HCP provides single, family and elder housing and assisted living in a variety of communities. By anticipating the housing needs of the region’s increasing underserved population and creating, preserving and operating safe, affordable housing units and supportive services, Harborlight Community Partners, Inc. strives to make homes available to all North Shore citizens, regardless of means. For more information, visit www.harborlightcp.org.

About the Honorees
Below please find a list of the various Boards and Committees which were recognized at the November 20 event, A Celebration of Community Partnerships.

Mayor, City of Beverly
William Scanlon

Beverly City Councilors
Michael P. Cahill
Judith Cronin
Patricia B. Grimes
Paul M. Guanci
Kevin F. Hobin
James F. Latter
Donald G. Martin
D. Wesley Slate, Jr.
Maureen E. Troubetaris

Beverly Director of Planning
Tina Cassidy

Beverly Community Development Team
William O’Hare
Margaret O’Brien
Nancy Ormiston

Hamilton Board of Selectmen
William F. Bowler
David S. Carey
Marc I. Johnson
Jennifer T. Scuteri
Jeffrey T. Stinson

Hamilton Housing Partnership Committee
Peter Britton
Fred Mills

Hamilton Community Preservation Committee
Peter Britton
Jay Butler
Tom Catalano
Peter Dana
Edwin Howard
Leigh Keyser
Ben Ricker
Jeff Stinson
Ray Whipple

Marblehead Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors
Andrew Christensen
Ann Cohen
Paul Crosby
Don Davies
Sarah Drewry
Mimi Hollister
Bonnie Howard
Dirk Isbrandsen
Kurt James
Gordon King
Joan McIntyre

Rockport Board of Selectmen
Ellen Canavan
Frances Fleming
Andrew Heinze
Wendell “Sandy” Jacques, Jr.
Sarah J. Wilkinson

Rockport Community Preservation Act Committee
Stephen DeMarco
Patricia Joy Edgerton
Mary B. Francis
Ruth George
Julie McMahon
Mel Michaels
Nancy Powlowsky
George Robertson
Peter Webber

Rockport Housing Partnership Committee
Peter Anderson
Armand Aparo
Kathy Claypool
Mike Racicot
Robert Visnick

SeniorCare Executive Director
Kay Bierwiler, Ph.D

SeniorCare Board of Directors
George Anderson
Peter Anderson
Cynthia Cameron
Kathy Erkkila
Ron Graves
Sally Jackson
Leigh M. Keyser
George Nickless
Joan Pierce
Virginia Player
Barbara Siergiewicz
Thomas Tanous
George A. Winston

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