Housing Matters, April 2015 — Here is to Spring and the good we will all do together

Spring is upon us.

Everyone seems to be taking a collective exhale ¦.Winter 2015. We made it.

As the weather turns it feels to me like I am remembering all the many things I have to do.

My children are going back outside for soccer practice. We worked in the yard last weekend mostly to build character and maybe on the off chance that something might grow. We threw a surprise birthday party for my wife. Life rolls on and there is much to do and much joy to be had.

One of the things on my list to do is try to find ways to make our community just a little better than it is today. There are many ways to do this and I encourage all of us to find a couple this Spring and hold onto them. Shop at a local vendor. Volunteer your time. Say hello to your neighbor. Smile at someone.

Here at HCP we are thinking a lot about how we should be responsible with the trust you all put in us to make the community better. We have entered into a process to ask you some questions about what our priorities are, what they should be, and about how we are doing in our efforts to help people of limited means find homes on the North Shore.

This process is part of a Community Investment Plan  (CIP) we are working on in conjunction with our new award of Community Investment Tax Credits (CITC) If you would like to learn more about the CIP or check out how you can double the impact of our charitable gift on the local community through the CITC please check these links out.

As we all find way together to make the North Shore better I want you to know that we really appreciate your guidance and trust and we are grateful for all your support and encouragement.

Here is to Spring and the good we will all do together.

~ Andrew