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Housing Matters, July 2015 – Together we can do this.

An acquaintance of mine from High School posted this picture recently. As we are all taking time to remember and revere those who have sacrificed themselves for the good of others it is important to remember that this is our primary human calling. This ability to invest ourselves so that others can have less pain, find more opportunity, and know...


Housing Matters, August 2014: Need is where we start

Need. Need is what drives mission. Need is where we start and where our mission comes from. This is the why  part of the HCP mission equation. For us on the North Shore one of our core needs is the availability of housing that is safe and affordable to a range of incomes.  Frankly, we have a lot of...


Housing Matters – June 2014

A few weeks ago I was standing outside at Harborlight House in Beverly waiting to welcome some special visitors. It was a cool day with a light rain. I was waiting outside near a light pole on Monument Square, to make sure they did not get lost looking for this unique and caring home.  And in that moment, just as...


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October 7 @ 6:00 pm

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The Cabot