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Andrew’s Testimony Given in Support of H.1111

My name is Andrew DeFranza and I live on the North Shore where I also work with Harborlight Community Partners ”a regional affordable housing developer and property manager. Senators Lovely, Tarr, and McGee cover our general footprint. We are concerned about the housing needs of our region and the State at large. There is not enough housing across the income...


Housing Matters – A Call for Zoning Reform, August, 2015

One of the major issues that drives up the cost of housing and makes it impossible for people of low and modest means to afford it is the price of land in our region. We live in a wonderful place and in many parts we border the Atlantic Ocean. The demand for land and the limitation of moving east make...


Housing Matters, July 2015 – Together we can do this.

An acquaintance of mine from High School posted this picture recently. As we are all taking time to remember and revere those who have sacrificed themselves for the good of others it is important to remember that this is our primary human calling. This ability to invest ourselves so that others can have less pain, find more opportunity, and know...