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People, not buildings, are the core of the Wenham Maple Woods project

This is  entry is a repost of Andrew’s Letter to the Editor, published in the Salem News, March 21, 2016. In the coming weeks, Harborlight Community Partners will be in Superior Court, where the fate of the proposed senior  housing project, Maple Woods, sited on Maple Street in Wenham, will be decided. After three years of thoughtful planning, careful...



UPDATE 10/23/15 : Thank you everyone for your support. Gov. Baker has  signed his approval for  HPSTF, H. 3673. We are hoping to participate in creating supportive housing for the formally homeless in Salem. 1)  We have been participating in a regional Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness  (Bev/Peabody/Salem/Danvers). Hopefully this will extend to Cape Ann:) 2)  Out of this...


Andrew’s Testimony Given in Support of H.1111

My name is Andrew DeFranza and I live on the North Shore where I also work with Harborlight Community Partners ”a regional affordable housing developer and property manager. Senators Lovely, Tarr, and McGee cover our general footprint. We are concerned about the housing needs of our region and the State at large. There is not enough housing across the income...


Housing Matters – A Call for Zoning Reform, August, 2015

One of the major issues that drives up the cost of housing and makes it impossible for people of low and modest means to afford it is the price of land in our region. We live in a wonderful place and in many parts we border the Atlantic Ocean. The demand for land and the limitation of moving east make...


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