Staff Members

Andrew DeFranza, Executive Director, Harborlight Community Partners
Steve Albanese, Facilities Supervisor
Susan Ball, Bookkeeper
Tony Belmonte, Craftsman
Bethany Blake, Philanthropy & Marketing Manager
Rebecca Borden, Maintenance Staff
David Burnett, Maintenance Staff
Beth Brenner, Property Manager, Harborlight House
Kathleen Burke, Receptionist/Admin, Harborlight House
Kristin Carlson, Senior Project Manager
Tim Donovan, Chief Operating Officer
Ruth Doyle, General Manager of Boston Street Crossing
Karen Estey, Property Manager, Turtle Woods
Deanna Fay, Advocacy & Community Engagement Manager
Lauren Freitas, Fundraising Database Coordinator
Dawn Gross,  Property Manager
Yvonne Graham, Property Management & Stewardship Director
Ron Hawes, Maintenance Staff
Amy Beth Healy, Staff Accountant
Howard Hubley,  Senior Accountant
Kate Leschinsky, Service Coordinator
Todd Pheulpin, Maintenance Staff
Alexandra Ramirez. Property Manager
Ken Redford, Chief Financial Officer
James Simpson, Maintenance Staff
Shirley Stewart, Resident Service Coordinator
Michelle Vega,  Property Manager
Greg Wilson, Electrician and Maintenance Technician
John Woodcox, Resident Manager, Turtle Creek/Woods

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