The HCP Mission

Harborlight Community Partners (HCP) is a non-profit, Massachusetts-certified Community Development Corporation. HCP develops, manages and advocates for quality, service-enriched housing that is affordable and inclusive, collaborating with communities to cultivate just, equitable and sustainable housing opportunities vital to the health and strength of our entire region. HCP strives to make homes available to all, because everyone deserves a home.

“I never thought I would be someone who would need affordable housing.”
- Kate, HCP Resident

Who needs affordable housing?

  • Parents who earn a modest wage, who seek a decent place to raise a family
  • Young professionals, burdened with student debt
  • Elders, living on fixed incomes, who deserve the dignity to age in place
  • Individuals with disabilities, striving to live independently
  • Those who have experienced homelessness, needing a roof overhead to begin anew

Grateful that my family can grow up in this community

“A home. I just want to be able to afford a home. I want to put dinner out for my girls at 5 o'clock. I want to give to them what they deserve. I just want my girls to be proud of me. I am grateful they can grow up in this community, we are fortunate to have this place ” - Jessica


This place is perfect for me

“This place is perfect for me. It’s all that I need. I’m just amazed that I am here.” - Don


This home is my refuge, it is safety

“This home is my refuge, it is safety. And everyone here is willing to extend a hand in help and kindness. I am grateful to be a part of the family of Harborlight.” - R.L.


A beautiful new apartment

“My daughter and I were very happy and appreciative when we learned that we're going to move into a beautiful new apartment…I am a full-time working, single mother struggling for years to find a place in Beverly that is affordable. Thanks to you, we finally have a place that we can call home.” - Vi



Turtle Creek offers me peace of mind

“Turtle Creek offers me peace of mind. It is hard to live on a fixed income, and I could not afford the upkeep on my home. Being here, it is just a good feeling. I feel safe and secure. It’s wonderful. I’m really blessed.” - Barbara



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